Sarakina’s Gorge

Sarakina’s Gorge is located a few meters north of Mythoi village and close to the seaside village Myrtos, where the river that crosses the gorge flows into the sea. The gorge is named after the famous Saracens, a name common in many places in Crete.

It is considered one of the most captivating canyon treks in Crete. Its length is only one and a half kilometers but in this short distance the visitor has the chance to admire a natural sculpture created by flowing water that sculpts the rocks for millions of years.

According to Greek mythology, the Giant Sarantapihos, son of Zeus, got thirsty as he was crossing this area and decided to drink of the crystal clear water from the river. As he leaned to drink, his long beard ripped the mountain in two and this is how the gorge was created.

Informations : Municipality of Ierapetra

Photos :Municipality of Ierapetra, Hercules Milas

Translation : Christina Chrisoula, Christopher Charalambakis

Sarakina's Gorge
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