Ha Gorge

Ha Gorge is a characteristic landmark in the region of Ierapetra. It is considered one of the wildest gorges of Greece and its name probably derived from the verb ‘gawp’ (“haskw” in Greek) which means to create a gap, an opening.

We could say that it is a virgin habitat with rich flora and fauna, untouched by man since its setting prohibits anyone to explore it well, to cross it or to exploit it.

The entrance is very narrow, about three meters wide. But as you move upwards the opening widens. The width of the gorge at many points is only thirty centimeters and at others it does not exceed three meters. The right and the left sides of the gorge stand in a height between 200 and 400 meters. Its length is about one kilometer!

Informations : Municipality of Ierapetra

Photos : Hercules Milas, Metaxakis Ioannis

Translation : Christina Chrisoula, Christopher Charalambakis

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