Artificial Lake of Mpramiana

The artificial lake of Mpramiana is located in Mpramiana district outside Ierapetra and is one of the largest artificial lakes of Crete. It’s was constructed in 1986, and it’s one of the oldest on the island. The water collected in Mpramiana dam is used to irrigate about 30.000 acres in the plains of Ierapetra.

It has a surface of about 1.050 acres and can hold up to 15 million cubic metres of water.

The water in the dam comes mainly from the water springs Kefalovrisi in Kalamafka village, from Kriyio river, from Malavra springs and from Korakas gorge in Messeleroi village. Its geographical position and the warm climate of the area make the lake one of most important stops for migrating birds in Southern Europe. More than 214 distinct bird species have been registered making the lake a vital ecosystem in Crete.

The areas around the lake are suitable for hiking since there is a walking path and a gravel road circling the lake. Additionally, it is ideal for bird-watching throughout the year, with best seasons being autumn and spring.

Informations : Municipality of Ierapetra

Photos : Hercules Milas, Municipality of Ierapetra

Translation : Christina Chrisoula, Christopher Charalambakis

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