Agriomantra is a beach, unknown to the most, formed at the exit of a short gorge, which the visitor needs to cross in order to access the beach.

To get there one should follow the dirt road that crosses the green meadows west of Kavousi, located at Lakos Ampelion, to the entrance of the gorge. From there begins a short hike 10 minutes long, not particularly difficult, that leads to Agriomantra beach.

Agriomantra originally was used as a port by the Venetians. You can see some of its architectural remains lying around. Until 1920 the leeward port was used as a transfer station for animals and other cargo to Agios Nikolaos, as there was no road network in the region. You will see the old customs office and a well, used to pump water.

The name of the beach is associated with a Cretan meaning of the word “mantra” (paddock), which refers to open areas where animals are gathered to be loaded on ships. On that beach, due to the gorge’s walls that functioned as natural barriers, the animals were easily controlled and loaded on the ships for their transportation.

Photos : Ioannis Metaxakis

Translation : Christina Chrisoula, Christopher Charalambakis

Ierapetra 722 00 Kavousi
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